A letter to my MP

Dear Jo Churchill,

I am writing to you with regards to what I understand to be the Government’s direction on women’s safe spaces, as reported in the press. I have serious concerns that this Government may make life harder for every woman in the UK as well as for trans men and non-binary people.

As a trans woman, I want everyone to be able to live their lives in dignity and safety. These proposed changes would impact trans and non-binary people as well as women who don’t conform to gender stereotypes. I’m particularly anxious about how these potential changes would be policed. How would I, as a trans woman, or any of the women in my life be expected to prove their right to use the women’s toilets? Which facilities would trans men and non-binary people be expected to use?

I recognise the need for safe spaces for women, but I am unsure why the proposal singles out trans people for exceptional treatment if the problem is cis gender men. I, also, am entitled to safe spaces because I am more at risk from men than cis women, especially when they are intoxicated by alcohol.

How do I live a stress free existence when I cannot go about my every day life because I am unable to use a toilet when I am away from home? Will there be any government action to force employers, retail outlets, cafes and restaurants, local councils, to provide gender neutral conveniences?

Despite my transition, I am still sexually attracted to women. I suppose that makes me a lesbian. Are all lesbians going to be banned from female toilets in case they exhibit a predatory nature?

All of my life I have had to endure bullying, exclusion and scorn; as well as trying to come to terms with myself. I have enough turmoil going on within me. No one, except another trans person, could possibly understand what has gone on within my head all these past years. I thought that the people, the government were finally going to let me live quietly and peacefully. Are we going back to the dark ages of the past?

All I want to do is pee in peace and safety.

I urge you to halt this discriminatory proposal in its tracks.

Yours sincerely,


I admit that I did copy some of the text from a template online. I hope that if enough of us make a noise, then we can stop this reversal to our freedom and human rights.

Trans lives matter!

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